Mission Statement

Natural Selection IT Consulting makes information technology work to its customers’ benefit.

In the study of genetics, natural selection is an evolutionary force that induces certain individuals in a population to develop traits that allow them to produce more offspring, and to pass on these traits, making them and their progeny better suited to their environment. This isn’t radical, abrupt change, but rather nature “tinkers” until remarkable adaptations are achieved.

In a similar fashion, Natural Selection IT Consulting helps its customers evolve better IT solutions and practices without radical, disruptive, or confusing changes.  The bottom line is that this approach helps make customers more productive and better aligned with their personal and business needs.

What makes us different from others?

Empathy for your problem.  Listening to you helps us render the best solution for your needs and to teach it so you understand it.

The ability to teach UNIX, LINUX, Mac OSX  operating system and scripting skills.

The ability to teach and help cultivate a logical thought process that helps clients develop their  own skills  in many IT sub-disciplines, including troubleshooting, planning, deployment, daily administration, design and  architecture, scripting, documentation and acquisition.

Years of industry experience in such places as Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc., Sun Microsystems and MIT Lincoln Labs as an active UNIX, storage and backup administrator.


About Brian Kelley

Brian Kelley is a 16-year information technology veteran.

See his professional profile on LinkedIn:


He has worked as a UNIX system administrator at the automobile manufacturer, Toyota Motor Sales, USA Inc. in Los Angeles, California and MIT Lincoln Laboratories in Lexington, MA.

He has experience with distributed, varied-platform and varied-purpose enterprise computer systems, both physical and virtual, and in both a fast corporate context as well as in a highly-secure, cleared Federal Government Department of Defense world-class research facility.

Additionally, Brian worked as a principal software technical support engineer in the rigorous and demanding enterprise customer team context of software-hardware manufacturers, EMC, Sun Microsystems.

He has also worked as a traveling top-secret cleared enterprise professional services consultant for Symantec Corporation specializing in NetBackup configuration, design, installation and scripting tools.

Brian brings a very natural, holistic, logical, organic and visual approach to solving problems.  It is very effective. He has achieved straight As at Worcester State University in Physics, Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Human Anatomy/Physiology and Genetics.

He not only will help your home or enterprise computing environment run at peak fitness, solving problems and helping to develope better practices and designs,  he will help your growth and development of knowledge and experience in these areas through clear, concise teaching and documentation practices.