Natural Selection IT Consulting, LLC  Competitive Advantage for Businesses

  • High RTO (return on investment) : sound engagement and effective discovery of client needs that lead to correspondingly effective and efficient solutions 
  • High Security: DOD-class respect for security and habitual application of best security practices
  • Flexibility and willingness to mentor and help develop your technical personnel’s skills


RTO and satisfaction is very high.  We take the needed time  to discover, discuss and understand your challenges and goals.  From here, we think very rationally and calmly about the problem, often employing visual approaches (drawing and modeling), research of best practices, and adequate unobtrusive testing.


We are security maniacs.  We have worked in  DOD Top Secret Military and Weapons research facilities, have held the intensely-rigorous background investigations to do so,  and we border on “paranoid” in our caution.


We will assist your personnel and encourage their development of a fresh and creative approach to business IT planning and problem-solving.

Serving teams or individuals,  we cultivate their talent and help to empower them to deliver an IT task on-time and with maximal efficacy.  We do so by encouraging an approach to a design, a problem, a deliverable, a task, a plan, a protocol or an emergency situation that is fresh, intuitive and logical and that drives effective and efficient results.  We can tutor them in the development of scripting and command line skills.

We  help guide them in sharpshooting sophisticated problems, composing complex systems reporting tools or planning deployments by assisting them to look at a problem in very visual, logical, intuitive and effective ways. As a 15 year industry veteran, we  have a range of expertise in a broad array of common, critical IT service offerings and a particular emphasis in UNIX/LINUX administration, storage and backup design and management and customized scripting-tool design.

We can help to tutor them in scripting shell, Perl, python, sql, etc., and develop their OS tool composition talents that will prove highly useful in automating recurring tasks and reporting needs with precision, functionality and efficacy.  These kinds of staff-written tools have huge potential to maximize efficiency and minimize disruption in many key areas such has reporting, data-staging, system audits, security audits, etc.

Keep your trusted, loyal and talented IT people engaged and develop their talents.  Protect the security of your data and infrastructure and the well-being of your employees from the vagaries of 3rd party long-term consulting engagements or outsourced managed services. Whether you have one part-time person on staff or a larger team of full-time professionals,  we can help infuse their efforts with new ideas.

Many consulting firms in today’s marketplace want to take control of your precious and proprietary IT infrastructure. Often, despite good intentions, they can inadvertently make things more complex, confusing and possibly exposed to new security risks.  They do so in the course of offering either outsourced managed services or longer-term onsite engagements.  These can be costly, disruptive and a possible security threat to your human and information resources.

We do not want to take control of your IT needs or infrastructure. Instead, we  want to help your business utilize it maximally, by helping and encouraging your staff to manage and align the technology effectively to the business needs.  This will assure resolving your needs more quickly with maximal efficacy and security.