We help to resolve your software,hardware,networking and storage issues with  Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OSX.  We offer tutoring and special project engagements for your UNIX/linux shell, Perl,awk, Python and SQL scripting needs.

We answer your questions patiently and in an engaging way so that you may hopefully learn something new and vice-versa- we may learn from you.

We document the work we do in a thorough and elucidating manner so that you may develop the knowledge and skills to better enjoy your computing experience and to avert the same or similar issues from plaguing you in the future.

We will help you and your computer evolve to do what you need it to do better.

We are the people to call with software emergencies or a stifling, frustrating problem.

We have an Anti-cloud backup solution that emulates the best-of-breed in the largest, most successful businesses across corporate America.  It is fast, flexible, convenient, scalable, offers multi-platform support, is extremely secure and offers the highest assurance of protecting and securing your data while minimizing its risk of audit, eves-dropping or theft.

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