I. Enterprise Backup and Recovery Design, Configuration and Deployment

  • EMC Networker, Symantec Netbackup and Backup Exec, Bacula, Amanda, EMC Enterprise Data Manager IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, CommVault
  • Ufsdump, tar, NDMP configuration and deployment, backup to NAS & SAN, virtual machine
  • Quantum LTO4,5,6 tapedrive installation and management, encryption management
  • Perl, Python and shell script composition for  automation of backup tasks


II. Enterprise Storage

  • EMC and Netapp NAS and SAN array management.
  • Fibre channel switch management
  • Veritas logical volume management, Vertias Cluster Server configuration and management, Solaris LVM and  ZFS, CentOS LVM


III. Enterprise Virtual Machine

  • EMC Vmware, ESX server, vsphere,  vcenter
  • Linux XEN
  • Oracle SUN virtul box, Sun Solaris Containers/Zones, VM server for SPARC


IV. Enterprise Email

  • UNIX/Linux sendmail configuration and deployment
  • Microsoft Outlook configuration and deployment
  • Microsoft Active Directory configuration and delpoyment
  • Apache/Tomcat website configuration and deployement
  • Microsoft IIS website configuration and deployment


V. Enterprise Databases

  • SQL Server (Installation, configuration, database creation, Account setup, configure backup and database performance tuning, Cluster setup)
  • Oracle (Installation, configuration, database creation, Account setup, database performance tuning settings, Oracle RMAN-RMAN proxy copy setup, Oracle RAC setup)


VI. Enterprise Operating Systems

  • OS server Installation (Linux, Windows, Sun Solaris, HPUX and AIX) Configuring, Updating patches, Job scheduling, performance tuning, troubleshooting Perl, shell (bash, korn, bourne) scripting


VII. Enterprise Network Services

  • FTP/ SFTP server setup and management
  • ssh configuration and deployment, public key infrastructure setup and deployment
  • iscsi for cloud storage configuration and deployment.
  • DNS/BIND configuration and deployment.  Infoblox DNS appliance configuration, deployment and management
  • NIS/LDAP configuration and deployment
  • NFS/Samba configuration and deployment
  • Iptables configuration and management


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