UNIX, LINUX, and MacOSX Specialist; All Windows

  • System tune-ups to make your system run at peak performance and reliability
  • Detect and remove virus and spyware
  • Clean Windows Registry  safely as needed
  • Printer and Scanner Installations and troubleshooting
  • iPods, iPhones, Blackberry, Android, Digital Music Help
  • Digital photos & camera assistance
  • Apple MAC OSX management
  • Blue Screen issues (troubleshooting hardware conflicts and driver issues)
  • Perl, shell and Python scripting for UNIX/Linux/Mac OSX/ Windows
  • Setup and troubleshoot internet connection (speed issues,  “can’t find server”, “http 404” errors)
  • Data  Recovery ( getting back deleted files; troubleshooting backup issues; finding sole good copy, etc.)
  • System Restore
  • Design and install a backup plan
  • Desktop and laptop repair guidance
  • How to transfer files between computers via various network/storage  protocols (NFS shares, CIFS shares, NAS shares, SAN, iscsi , ftp, sftp, ssh , scp, etc)
  • Install and configure virtual machines ( tutoring on virtual machine administration)
  • Memory (RAM) and hard-disk upgrades
  • Hardware and peripherals install guidance
  • Operating system installation/re-installation and optimizations
  • Software install
  • Microsoft Windows password reset
  • Networking setup guidance
  • Installation of a network printer
  • Security hardening of system and network
  • VPN installation and configuration (Cisco ASA devices, Zywall, etc.)
  • Databases (SQL, Access, Oracle, MYSQL)
  • MS Office Suite guidance ( Excel spreadsheets, powerpoint , etc. )
  • EMail  ( configuration, migration, synchronizing, installation of clients,  converting Apple to Windows, etc.)
  • Don’t see here? Please, JUST ASK!

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